Desktop Atlas Update History




Desktop Atlas installation files are turned into self-extracting archives.

Database updated according to the latest data published by NGA and BGN.

Slightly changed the program default settings for opening the web page displaying Google Maps images.

The development status changed from Alpha to Beta.

The mission of this project is complete. The goal was to build a database containing geographical coordinates for all populated places in the world. Now such a database is built, a basic database viewer is implemented, everything seem to be stable. I have no plans to extend Desktop Atlas functionality. Instead I'm going to update the database from time to time according to the latest data published by NGA and BGN.

Current program version 0.2.6b.77
Current database version 0.2.6b

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A very few changes in the program. No change at all in databases.

- The new Ctrl+X shortcut allows data copying to clipboard in ZET 8 format (ZET 8 is a rather well-known and popular astroprocessor).

- Ctrl+C behaviour is slightly changed. Now the result is different depending on which window has the input focus. If the data grid has the input focus then the result of Ctrl+C is the same as in previous version.

Current program version 0.2.5a.71
Current database version 0.2.4a

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22.07.2007 Welcome to map browsing. Desktop Atlas now uses the Google Maps web service.

Databases updated, in particular the toponymy containing ` (0x60) character.

The set of available Desktop Atlas databases extended.

SQLite library updated. A bug was fixed by SQLite team that led to Desktop Atlas incorrect search result when the search string started with ` (0x60) character.

Filter by URI (Unique Region Identifier) implemented. URI consists of up to 6 characters. The first 4 characters represent the standard FIPS 10-4 region code. The last two characters, if present, are specific to Desktop Atlas and may change in future versions.

Current program version 0.2.4a.68
Current database version 0.2.4a

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Current program version 0.2.2a.28
Current database version 0.2.0a

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